Here’s a complied list of the top 10 reasons why you should adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue organization, rather than buying a pet from a breeder or a store.

  1. You’re helping to end puppy farms- puppy farms are cruel and inhumane, and only used by breeders to make fast money. Adopting a puppy will help prevent the creation of puppy farms.
  2. You’re giving an animal a second chance at life- many shelter animals are born into a life that they don’t deserve, and they are counting on you to give them the second chance they deserve!
  3. Adoption prices are reasonable- breeders will charge hundreds of dollars for each puppy in order to make a profit. Adopting from a non-profit will assure that the money you spend on your pet will be well worth it, and the money will go toward a good cause.
  4. You help multiple animals, even if you only adopt one- the money you spend on adopting your pet will go toward food, medication, and items for the daily care of other shelter animals
  5. Most pets have basic training covered- you will save money on not having to hire a puppy-trainer!
  6. You are their whole world- you will gain a furry friend who will love you no matter what, and that is priceless.
  7. Shelters have an endless variety of animals to choose from- various breeds of dogs, cats, and more! You’re furry friend is out there waiting for you!
  8. You know what the future with your pet will look like- the shelter or organization will tell you right off the bat what the life expectancy of your pet will be.
  9. Your house and belongings will thank you- not having to deal with a non-house trained puppy? priceless.
  10. Older pets can be better suited to families with children- they are wiser, smarter, and will love your children as much as they love you.